Experts slam F1’s new look

21 February 2012

As we’re approaching the news season of Formula 1, experts and fans alike have been giving their two cents about how the new cars look. And, well, nobody likes them. Apart from the McLaren, every car on the grid has a very unattractive two-step nose, and it seems like nobody is a fan of this new rule change. 
Former driver Hans-Joachim Stuck wrote:
"The tyres are too narrow, the rear wing too small and the front wing too big, and the nose is a complete failure," he said.
"It's like imagining Heidi Klum without her nice behind and bosom, and that's unfortunately what they've done with the new cars.
"Let's hope that they're fast, at least."
And I can only echo his sentiments. Rule changes are one thing, but surely the aesthetics are important, too? We want to be stunned by the cars when we see them, not sickened.

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